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We aim to be an “enterprise that offers growth”

As an organization, it is a must that Ands Corporation provide individuals with an “environment” in which they can grow as human beings.
Indeed, we consider ourselves to be an “enterprise that offers growth.”

Corporate Mission:

To provide the best products and services in the health & beauty market.
To provide a place of employment that employees can take pride in.
To conduct business affairs in a manner beyond reproach and thus meet stockholder expectations.
Chairman & CEO Yasuhiro Yamada

Perfect a philosophy which emphasizes the customer first and foremost and also perfect our medical skincare business

To provide prosperity and growth to all persons with whom we have relationships. To pursue the leading-edge of the medical skincare business.

The proven medical skincare products that Ands Corporation pursues

In order to realize skin that is both healthy and beautiful, it is necessary to understand the trouble causing mechanisms and develop scientific approaches for their solutions.
This concept is what we refer to as “medical skincare.”Furthermore, we feel it represents the mainstream of future skincare business.