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Production Division

R&D Division

Enhanced basic research of medical skincare products
In order to advance medical skincare, we aim to pursue ever-more accurate evidence via skin cell research (particularly regarding corium layer efficacy) and clinical efficacy evaluations held in conjunction with medical doctors, etc.

Quality Assurance Division

In order to deliver products of assured quality
The Quality Assurance Division audits all work to confirm both product quality and product safety. Based on Good Management Practice (GMP) guidelines of the cosmetics industry, this division works hard to sustain and improve quality standards. In our pursuit of maximized product quality, we have introduced TQM (Total Quality Management) to help achieve true customer satisfaction.

Production Division

Production Division

A production system that supports our medical skincare products
In order to both meet a wide range of customer needs occurring worldwide, and sales needs regarding tight delivery timelines, it is necessary to have production lines that can handle varied product types and limited production runs while realizing low-cost structures. To respond to such needs, we are constantly working to develop a manufacturing base that is both highly versatile and highly efficient.